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Welcome to moolahdroid's games list for Appstation.

All games here have been tested and ranked by me.


Having installed  Appstation on your shiny Android gadget you will no doubt be wondering where all the facy games can be found.  Look no further than the official moolahdroid Appstation games list.



The #1 App on the Moolahdroid AppStation Games list.

This game is excellent.  Race your idol  / avatar around themes boards to earn cash, gens and carrots.  Use your cash to upgrade buildings.

Each new level brings in a new theme.  There are mini-games and challenges and the ability to steal from your Facebook friends.


The Board Kings game is very cute and addictive.  There is plenty of humour and quirky little happenings.  

I have definitely made enough PayPal money from this little gem to fund hosting this website for a day or two.  It's a lot of fun with plenty of humour and frequent enough updates, mini games and upgrades to keep it going.


Board Kings gets the highest rating possible -  5.0 Droid points.

Want a board Kings Friends code for extra rolls use:  718-939-956




No #2 on the moolahdroid Appstation games list

Re-live the good old days of piracy with all the adventure and treasure but without the scurvy, sea sickness or syphilis.


Spin the pirates wheel to win treasure,  use treasure to upgrade your island, buy mateys to dig for treasure.   Attack other Islands with your cannon.  Arrgghhh.  

Pirate Kings is an addictive little game that pays credits into your AppStation account just for having fun.  It is ad supported but these only appear if you run out of spins and want to grab a few more.

You can play your friends by sending them a code and receive gifts for doing so.  As you earn treasure you can buy items for your island and then upgrade them.  Once fully upgraded you can move to a new island that will have a new theme and start again.   Use your map to go back to your old islands and install treasure digging mateys.  
Steve rates AppStation 4 droid points.
gin guide.png



No #3 on the moolahdroid Appstation games list


As if we needed proof that pigs are the superior race we now have Coin Master with its trotter footed themed slot machine of fun.

Spin the wheel and win coins, raids, or shields.  Build scenes with your loot and upgrade the buildings and characters.  Link up with your friends and raid their moolah.

The Coin Master is very similar to Pirate Kings in game play but entirely different in graphics and theme.

Coin Master is fun for a while but can be a little repetitive.  It needs a little more pig action to earn an extra droid point.

Steve rates Coin Master 3.0 droid points.



No #4 on the moolahdroid Appstation games list


Here is a simple game that empowers you to write rude words on the internet.  It also accepts decent words but weirdly seems to accept  acronyms and abbreviations and some weird foreign lingo.

Game play is simple, you can play by yourself if as like me you don't have any friends. I'm not sure why they don't make words with yourself for us hermit types?

As the name suggests you can play with friends or complete strangers who think they are your friend.

Words with Friends 2 is an OK brain cell stretcher but it won't challenge too many with an IQ greater than a potato.  Give it a go and get those AppStation coins rolling in,  but not for long.  This app soon reduces its pay rate and before long you have to play it for ages to get a payout.
Steve rates Words With Friends 2 a mere 3 droid points - just not quite up to Steve's expectations.

Word games can make you thirsty.


You need



mini golf.jpg


No #5 on the moolahdroid Appstation games list.


Who doesn't want to re-live the good old days of misogyny? Become the next Tiger Woods  from the comfort of your own sofa.

Mini Golf King is actually quite slick and graphically very nice.  You are matched with players to swing your way down fairways out of bunkers across the greens to sink your ball in the least strokes

If all that sounds enticing give Mini Golf Kings your best shot.

4 Moolahdroid points

It aint cheap hosting a website.

Take some pity on a thirsty droid and donate...




No #6 on the moolahdroid Appstation games list.

Here's a game for all you wanna be war heroes that think the kind of girls that shoot guns look like they spend their R&R modelling for Victoria's Secret.  This one is pure war glorified male fantasy on steroids, but in your pocket.

Its got decent graphics, heaps of game play and strategy.  Lots of things to kill and lots of plunder available.  Its way too detailed for the small screen.  Your chunky grease covered fingers will struggle.  

If you like death and destruction or if you are somehow deranged enough to think that more guns will bring peace to the world this is possibly the game for you.  If like me you prefer cute bunnies popping about, rainbows and unicorns give this one a very wide berth.

The best feature of Z Day for AppStation coin collecting is that this app will run on its own and keep your coins rolling in.  If you don't mind running your battery down and a bit of screen burn you can easily rack up some moolah while you watch Family Guy.

moolahdroid rates Z Day Heart of Heroes only 2 droid points.  

Can't we all just get along?



No #6 on the moolahdroid Appstation games list.

Dragons are cool right?  They are so nasty and dangerous with their fire breathing, village destroying antics that Saint George killed the last one. 

This game puts the notorious reputation of these once feared beats aside and encourages us to hatch dragons in order to heal dead earth and conquer our own mini universe.

Game play consists of dragging plants, rocks and other randomly scattered objects of the same type into triplets so they magically evolve into other stuff.   Match together three statues and you pass the level.

It is utterly pointless but somehow it works.   Nice to have a creative role for a dragon.  The graphics are attractive and colourful and you get reasonably rapid appstation credits.other

Steve rates Merge Dragons 4 droid points.



No #7 on the moolahdroid Appstation games list.

Like shooting bubbles?  This is your game.

Touch the screen where you want your bubble - POP!.

Ridiculously simple but somehow as satisfying.

If you are after a bit of a mental workout, this game might not hold your attention for long.  Its about as cunning as a boiled egg.

Bubble Shooter Extreme has very good graphics and cool popping sounds.  It has on-screen adds and ads between the very short levels so its a bit greedy in that way, as such it getting Droid Points deducted.
moolahdroid  scores BSE 3



No #8 on the moolahdroid Appstation games list.


Ever wanted to go to Sin City but can't be bothered paying for flights, plastic hotels and plastic people? 

With Slotmainia you have  lots of slot action without the hassle.


Lets be very clear.  Slot machines requires about as much skill as it takes to breathe.  However on the plus side you get shiny things, bright lights and spinning.  If you are easily amused and like killing time endlessly watching rotating columns in the hope that you will win some more chances to watch shiny things for longer.  You have found your happy place.

Slotmania Slots gives you plenty od starting actions with a few machines to play with and soon awards you new games to play.  If your coins run out you can of course pump in real cash and become a genuine gambling addict.  Moolahdroid does to condone this by the way.

Turn the lights down low, stick in your ear buds, sit back and get your fingers into these lovely slots.

Steve rates Slotmania Slots 3 droid points.



No #9 on the moolahdroid Appstation games list.

Harvest Land takes you back to simpler times. Its essentially a "Build a village" game.

Chop down ancient forests and carve up the land to plant chickens, pigs and cows so your little animated people can help boil the planet with cyber methane. Battle creatures that raid your crops, poor hungry monsters have no chance against your weapons carved from the rain forest.  Clobber the snot out of the greedy beasts.

As you progress you build  your village, trade with other far off lands and generally colonise and try to conquer the world.  Because the world needs people like us to destroy the native flora and make it all look the same.
An easy way to rack up some Appstation coins and quite cute.  However not an original idea and it soon becomes repetitive.
moolahdroid  scores Harvest Land 3.0



No #10 on the moolahdroid Appstation games list.


BRAINS!  Finally the opportunity to destroy Zombies, kick balls, save the world and earn AppStation gold coins.  Zombie vs Balls has great graphics, It is fun to play.  However it is littered with adverts for a very low pay rate.  We are talking 4 coins per minute which is frankly just mean.

Zombie vs Balls gets just 2 droid points from mollahdroid.  Its a shame as the concept is great but this is a site about AppStation games and earning beer money.  You will need to kill a lot of Zombies to buy a pint of your favourite ale.




No #11 on the moolahdroid Appstation games list.

An Android's work is never done.  Ever wanted to renovate your home but can't be arsed?  Homescapes might be for you.

You are a middle aged man  living with his elderly parents who basically pressure the poor avatar into fixing up their crib.

In Homesacpes you constantly  swap between decorating the home and playing basic gem-style mini games to earn credits in order to advance further in the game.   It soon gets pretty boring, I guess as it wants you to spend real money to advance faster.

The game could use some more humour and more enticing mini challenges up front to keep us droids hooked.  Australians will probably find this game very difficult, but Kiwis need a bit more stimulation.

Homescapes  for Android gets just 3 Moolahdroid points.





No #12 on the moolahdroid Appstation games list.


Make a people!   No not literally.  Make your own virtual  Man , Woman, Alien, Robot or Zombie.   

Collect cells and start building the vital gory parts of the human anatomy.  This mildly educational yet entertaining and addictive app lets you build a 3D model from the inside out.

Before you ask, no you don't get to see the naughty bits.  I know I was disappointed too.  Undergarments miraculously form as you layer on the skin.

You can furiously click the cell generator to gather more cells, or you can simply bugger off for a while and come back later as the app generates cells off-line.  Be nice to the developer, when an app is free view a few ads.

This is the mollahdroid appstation games list so we have to talk about coins.   Idle Human pays very few coins for your time.  Your wealth may be adversely affected by this app   Just the one ad click then.

3 moolahdroid  points.

It aint cheap hosting a website.

Take some pity on a thirsty droid and donate...



Remember the nice chunky  kick-starter bonus you got for starting Appstation?

Why not join a few more similar apps and get those  coins rolling in.

These Android apps use the  same  basic structure and pay out in exactly the same way.  Note that they  link up so you cant use the same game on multiple apps.

The sneaky strategy is to run just a couple of games on each app and get lost of sign-up bonuses.









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