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You have found moolahdroid. This is the droid you are looking for.  Make Bitcoins, Litecoins and beer money on your phone or tablet by installing some android apps. 

The million Satoshi question is.  How much money can you make?

moolahdroid has tested and reviewed a few so you can be even lazier in your attempts to create a passive income.


These Android apps are free to install and pay cryptocurrency into your Bitcoin wallet.

All apps are tested and really do pay.  Read on to start your cyber fortune.




You are going to need somewhere to store your hoards of Bitcoins.  Most apps will want your Bitcoin wallet address before you get very far.   Not to worry, your friendly moolahdroid can sort you out.  I use Coinbase to stash away my dosh.


Step 1, get yourself a Coinbase account.   You can install the app and do everything on your phone.  But there is a proper old style website for you nubes.
Better still, follow the Google Play link here and receive a sign up bonus once you transact £77.50.  Full disclosure, I also receive a referral bonus if you do this.
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The new No #1 on the moolahdroid bitcoin generator list.


Coin is an innovative app that rewards you in cryptocurrency for moving about.

Install the app, and start mining in one click.  As you move about you can mine geographic locations and be rewarded in tokens that can eventually be sent to your coinbase wallet.


You can leave tokens at locations for friends to find, effectively making a virtual treasure hunt.  Occasionally you can watch ads for a few coins.  And if someone uncovers a big win you can witness the event and earn.

The latest update even lets you earn coins while offline. Passive income is always good.

The rewards are modest but you can dramtically increase them by investing in a sentinal or by subcription to a Pro account.


Follow this link  which is my referral code




The new No #2 on the moolahdroid bitcoin generator list.


Watch ads, play games, complete surveys and get genuine Bitcoins into your  Coinbase account.

As you complete tasks you get rewarded with "bolts", think lightning not Frankenstein.  Bolts can then be exchanged for  Bitcoin, Etherum, Dai or Litecoin.  


The app is absoltely legit, the support team is responsive so worth a small amount of space on your shiny Android.  The payments are not instant but they do happen and on the date promised.

Sign up to Stormplay with my referral code and you will get 6000 Bolts when you try it! My code is RYIJLTRS. 

Stormplay rocks in at 4 droid points.  Paypouts are fast, but you have to watch a heck of a lot of ads to make a few pennies.   

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No #3 on the moolahdroid bitcoin generator list.


This could not be simpler.  Install the app and each hour you can have a crack at earning Satoshi's.  Watch some in app adds and get more spins plus every few hours some bonus spins.  

You will quickly rack up many thousands of Satoshi.  Just keep in mind a Satosh is a fraction of a bitcoin.


1 Sotahi is 0.0000001 of a Bitcoin.

Free Bitcoin is simple and it really does pay, automatically every Tuesday as it happens.  If it paid a bit more then it would get more than 3 droid points.  Its just a tad too stingy.

litecoin icon.png



No #4 on the moolahdroid bitcoin generator list.


This simple pretty little application is essentially the same as Free Bitcoin, but instead of generating bitcoins you get Litecoins.  These have a tiny value although you get many more per spin.

The App pays LTC (Litecoins) direct to your Litecoin wallet which is easily found if you took my advice and installed your Coinbase wallet.

moolahdroid hint:  follow moolahdroid advice.

Free Litecoin also gets 3 droid points.   It pays ridiculously small amounts.




No #5 on the moolahdroid bitcoin generator list.


Why not get paid in Bitcoins to play games?  Bitcoin blast invites you to work your way through simple levels in order to win credits.  Reach 1000 loyalty points and cash out.

The app pays  Satoshi directly into your Coinbase wallet. 

Don't expect more than a few pence worth if you cash out at the 1st 1000 points, and prepare for very frequent adds.


If you are looking for a fast pay out to test your wallet is in good order  this is a good place to  begin.

Moolahdroid points?  A mere 2.   The rewards are not equal to the effort you need to put in.


Enter here for the AppsStation games list and reviews.

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